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Syria shows rebirth and legitimization of fascism in the West - ( RU5514 )

Syria shows rebirth and legitimization of fascism in the West. 51058.jpeg

“Russia has to support Syria and establish a system of collective defense. If we lose Syria, we will be ignored by everyone,” believes the former head of the Main Directorate for International Military Cooperation of the Russian Defense Ministry, Colonel-General in reserve Leonid Ivashov. He talked about his ideas in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

Leonid, the most urgent question now is whether the United States will strike a missile attack on Syria?

“What is happening today around Syria is nothing but the rebirth and legitimization of fascism in the West. The West has brought the biggest disasters to humanity, including Crusades, Napoleon, the First and the Second World War. Today we see that the ideological basis for the Western elites is not some humanistic, messianic goals. Some sort of a dangerous mixture of perverted liberalism, fascism and homosexuality was formed in the ideological sphere. These are insane people, but they, unfortunately, rule today in their countries and determine their policy. This explosive mixture is being distributed worldwide. The Americans started this operation two years ago against Syria, and we carefully monitored it. To date they have not been able to break the Syrian regime, the Syrian people, and found themselves at a dead-end. They have invested their political capital in this operation and involved their satellites in the operation to destroy Syria.”

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 What countries are the most faithful allies of the Americans in this regard?

“They do not have allies, they only have satellites that have forked out to aid formation of bands of mercenaries, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now they see that Bashar al-Assad held out, which means that all of their efforts and their political capital are bursting like a bubble. For the Americans, this is not only a loss of face, but the loss of control over their satellites. It is understandable that they want to prove their strength, their power, their leadership in this western gangster world community.

And so, in Syria they are ready to do anything, including a great lie to prove their strength, their power and prove their satellites and other countries including Russia that the Americans have to be reckoned with. For the sake of their interests, for the sake of their huge profits, we must obey. This is the logic they have laid today, and they cannot refuse it because the United States, as well as Western countries, is ruled not by real politicians, not by representatives of the people, buy this huge financial capital. And for the sake of their profit, like Marx had said, they will commit any crime, just like they are doing now.” 

Does this mean that the aggression against Syria and its defeat is inevitable?

“I do not think so. We now see that the world begins to change dramatically. It is a transition state, but the worst of it – West-centered – is changing for the better. The beginning of this change is obvious. So far Russia is negotiating, showing its independence. Putin announced the formation of the Eurasian Union. We see the Chinese are willing to transform the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a powerful transcontinental Eurasian bloc. We see the BRICS countries, a big part of the population, too, wants a new world and is already laying the bricks in its foundation. It is clear now that the Americans are afraid.

And this force is not involved today. Take Russia for example. The humanity after World War II entrusted Russia with the most important function – the maintenance of international peace, and elected Russia a permanent member of the Security Council. And this is not only an honorable duty or a duty to remember our fallen soldiers. This is a big responsibility for the maintenance of the international peace. In this situation Russia must require urgent convention of the UN Security Council and introduce a resolution condemning the preparations for aggression and disallowing it.

The second duty of Russia is to provide support for the implementation of Syrian individual or collective defense. This is not just a right, it is a duty we owe to support both individually and form a system of collective defense. We have not done that. The heads of BRICS countries adopted a resolution on Syria in Durban this year. It was a unanimous decision of five countries. But why even today the Ministers of Foreign Affairs are not getting together to state that they are the international community, and they declare on behalf of the three billion people on the planet that they are against it. But this is not done.”

In light of recent events and the general situation in the Middle East and the Caucasus, perhaps it would make sense to organize delivery of Russian arms to Iran?

“You know, today there is no problem in supplying guns to Iran. The problems are, in my opinion, are orders from Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv does not want us to supply to Iran, it does not want us to supply to Syria, and we don’t. Our military- technical cooperation with these countries is completely controlled from Tel Aviv. This was stated way back by Ariel Sharon when he was a defense minister.

Then, I think, in the late 1990s, he came as an inspector, saw who teaches whom and what, and so on. We have to admit that it’s better to open a branch of the Israeli Ministry of Defense or the Department of Commerce, and declare that this is it. Our government is still playing with the routes. These are two sovereign states! In Soviet times we always watched that the balance of power in one or another region was not violated.

The balance of power is a guarantee of security for both countries. But Tel Aviv today surpasses Iran in almost all military specifications. In order to avoid the war, the appropriate weapons must be supplied to Iran. This is our interest. Thus, we move aside the threat from the Caspian Sea, move aside the threat to our borders, and move aside millions of refugees fleeing to our country, and so on. But you see, for some reason our national interests are not in the foreground. I will tell you more, I want some reprisals against those who do it.”  

What do you mean?

Look, today a famous company “Mig” is on the verge of bankruptcy because Mr. Pogosyan is pushing “Sukhoi” aircraft through corruption schemes. Worldwide, the ratio of light and heavy fighters is 70/30 in favor of light fighters. Today, manufacturing and development of light fighters is being shut down. Only heavy ones are made. There will be no one to cover infantry and win airspace. I attended the international nuclear center in Dubna.   

It is an international center dominated by the Americans. We cannot implement not only nuclear projects for the Defense Ministry but also conventional weapons projects without a resolution of the international community. What is going on? The Ministry of Defense cannot sign a contract. I visited a very interesting company – State Research Institute of Chemistry and Technology of element-organic compounds. I saw miracles there, including in the defense sector. They create composite materials and technologies, and, to be frank, defense products of the second half of the 21st century. An American company addressed them in order to collaborate with them. Naturally, it is a closed topic, so they are denied. A request from another firm comes in and it is also denied. What do then our Russian Technologies do? They fire the director, say that all businesses of the Russian Technologies should be profitable, and today they are saying that a shopping center should be built on the basis of the non-profit institute, and it will start bringing a profit tomorrow. How is this not a crime?

This is treason, there is no other name for it. Those who do it still hope to avoid punishment, hope to escape and hide somewhere in the West. First of all, let them look at all these defectors. They will be extradited, found and shot for these things. I am convinced of it. And this will happen in this decade. This is why it is so difficult to talk about defense, security today. On the one hand there was hope that Sergei Shoigu will come and restore order.

And he started, but we see obstacles everywhere today. The Ministry of Finance does not fund the contracts that the Defense Ministry was ready to sign, for example, with “Mig.” This establishment that works for the defense, our military and space industry, for “Bulava,” for our fleet, works quite successfully, but is not in a position to defend the Defense Ministry. There is nobody in this country to protect – everything is bought, everything is sold. I hope that Syria, the last ally in the East, will not be given up.”

In your opinion, why did the Americans ignore the air show MAKS -2013?

“As for the non-participation of the Americans in the show, you know, the Americans used to come here not for the sake of technology as virtually there is nothing new left. They just came here to demonstrate the friendly relations between Bush – Putin, Obama – Medvedev, and so on. Today, the relations cooled off a bit, we no longer concede to the Americans in everything, that’s why they chose not to attend. They do not want it. How can we organize these shows without developing our aircraft industry, destroying it step by step? Our government is very interesting. The president and the government do not show the progress of the country, but every day have their PR for the public. There is nothing to boast about, so they can only promote themselves. This is their entire policy.”


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