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The price of dignity (the end): the attack on Syria - ( RU5514 )

The price of dignity (the end): the attack on Syria. 51063.jpeg

Terrorists firing chemical weapons

Ouday the old Syrian tells me that at this time Damascus is the heart of Free Men.

Who am I to challenge the old Syrian? I believe him. But not to his words, that could also just be sound in air. I believe him because the facts compel me to believe.

And the facts tell me that Syria is two years under a cruel and vicious attack. Even the Germans have noticed because a few days ago the newspaper Die Welt published the news that the 95% of so-called “rebels” in Syria are actually made up of foreigners.

Well … gentlemen, this is not a revolution. This is an invasion. A real invasion. To be more precise: a proxy war, planned by the usual U.S. cowards. And fought by criminals who sometimes do not have scruples even to stop them feeding on human flesh in order to celebrate infamous victories.

In 2011, while aggression against Libya reached its peak, the West in New York recognized the self-proclaimed Syrian National Council’s Liberation.

That is a sort of government in exile composed of puppets, which was to represent the post al-Assad Syria. The fact that the war against Libya hadn’t been fought and won as planned should not have troubled very much the minds of those had thought it out, and make sure that the method could be applied successfully elsewhere.

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Again, the protocol for change-regimes was then applied: demonstrations, protests, pilot provocation to the police, various skirmishes in a crescendo of violence.

As in all countries of the world, there is corruption in Syria too, fluctuating economy, state officials incompetent but coexisting alongside those honest and dedicated to their offices. So it is natural that the Syrian people will try resentment for their own government, but it is unfair to use this resentment to foment a revolt which is falsely democratic and mask with it the destruction of a Nation.

The answers of the Government to the first demonstrations were heavy influenced by a certain old school. But nothing would have changed if they had been more tolerant.

President Al-Assad subsequently removed the officials responsible for repression and went to a modification of the Syrian Constitution eliminating the principle of one-party rule. The Ba’th is no longer the only party allowed in Syria but this and other openings, such as the eligibility of the President by popular vote,  have been branded by the West as mere propaganda, a trick to keep the Al-Assad family and their clique in power.

Al-Assad began to be an enemy to be killed and Western governments began to recite the usual mantra “Al-Assad must go”.

A little at a time, however, they stopped.

Syria is not Libya: the Syrian people are more united than Libyans and experience a great love of their country. Lacking the immediate American aid, in the form of bombs and missiles, the rebels soon showed their true face of thieves, murderers and cutthroats. The initial sympathy that the Syrians had given them declined progressively and the military situation on the ground slowly began to change in favor of the government forces.

The rebels, though incapable of sustaining a direct confrontation with the Syrian army, had managed to establish a relative control over some parts of Syria: in the north to the Turkish border, in the south to the border with Lebanon and Israel, in other small areas of the country, and in some districts of the cities.

The liberation of al-Qusayr in May of 2013, however, indicated that the long wave of fake Syrian spring was running out. In al-Qusayr evidences were found of the absurd alliance between Israel and the more fundamentalist rebels, united only by the desire to destroy an ancient Country.

The United States, aware of the danger of losing their proxy war, tried several times to pass a resolution in Libya style, which would allow them to bomb indiscriminately, behind a veneer of legitimacy.

Syria, however, is not Libya and is not without allies. Russia and China have proved adamant and have exercised their right of veto in the UN Security Council thus blocking any attempt from the U.S..

Russia has deployed several warships to Syria’s defense, preventing surprise attacks by the U.S. Navy and limiting Israeli provocations so that they turned against Tel Aviv.

The Russian bear has shown the muscles and so is the Chinese dragon now. On the other hand, it is known that the real goal of the U.S. imperial wars are precisely Russia and China. Iran, Syria’s ally since the time of the war against Iraq, should be the last target before the final confrontation. Iran, like Syria, is included in the famous list of Arab and the Middle East Nations to invade at any cost. A list of more than ten years old: Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq and Iran.

In Washington, no-one seems to understand the madness inherent in the idea invading serially a set of nations, without any opposition. The American political class seems to find it natural to think the opposite and this is the reason why it is so surprised by the firmness of Russia and China as well as of Syria and Iran.

With the amazement, however, also increases the danger of those who are in favor of war: the attack with chemical weapons on one of the suburbs of Damascus, which took place recently, has precipitated the situation and the peace conference Geneva 2 seems lost in a limbo. While it is clear the lack of logic for the Syrian army to commit the massacre perpetrated by the rebels, for the USA not the latter were to be blamed for the use of poison gas against the civilian population but instead government forces.

The Syrian army is a people’s army, that is also made ??up by the sons, husbands, fathers of those who may have been killed by so-called rebels: it is not a militia of mercenaries, paid so much per day. It has no interest in shooting itself in the foot while it is winning on the field. President Obama, Nobel Prize for Peace (in word only), is instead also the first Nobel Prize for Peace (in word) to use missiles and bombs with spontaneous generosity. We live in a world turned upside down.

Now Barack Obama has tied the American attack on Syria to a favorable vote in the U.S. Congress. In case he gets it, and it is sadly likely, it will not be long before the conflict will spread to other actors, directly involving Iran, Russia and China.

President Al-Assad would have already agreed with the Americans in the past, if his purpose was to keep the power. Instead he chose otherwise, even trying to defuse tensions and proposing political solutions in western style.

The most important thing, however, is that along with Al-Assad has also chosen the Syrian people. And the choice was accurate, clear. There is no room for the rebels in Syria. Not anymore, not after everything they have done against the population.

In Syria, secular and socialist, there is no room for the cannibals, for cutthroats, for drugged rapists, for thieves falsely elevated as liberators. There is no room for those who do not understand that different religions can live together without fighting each other.

If Syria is a dictatorship, then what are Saudi Arabia and Qatar which finance the rebels? The answer, if you want, it is all too simple and obvious. Once again, we live in a world turned upside.

The Syrian people resist, clinging around their army and President.

So Ouday the old Syrian is right when he tells me that at this time Damascus is the heart of Men free. And on the heart of Free Men, the price of dignity is death.

Costantino Ceoldo


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