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The Day of Judgement - ( RU5514 )

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September 9, 2013. The Day of Judgement. Judgement by a forum of law without jurisdiction over a case whose details it does not know, judgment by the clique of corporate elitists which control this forum trying it manipulate it into justifying the unjustifiable. Just maybe they will fail and Congress will prevail in respecting its Founding Fathers.

Firstly, let there be no mistake whatsoever about the proper forum of international law covering the Syria case, more specifically the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta on August 21 2013. After the local court in Damascus, for this was a criminal case pending a full report from the Syrian authorities, the forum of law to which any international military action pertains is the United Nations Security Council, not the US Congress.

The US Congress regulates issues inside, and for, the citizens of the United States of America. If the USA does not accept the UNSC as the proper forum of international law, then it should not have signed the Charter and should leave the United Nations Organization before it breaches the treaty it signed. Either you abide by the terms of the treaties you sign, or you leave the treaty. You cannot have it both ways, signing a document then manipulating the truth and if things do not go your way, breaching its rules or bypassing the organisms it created.

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Secondly, it is still very unclear as to what happened in Ghouta on August 21, but what is becoming clearer and clearer as the shroud of uncertainty passes is that the gas attack was not ordered by President Bashar al-Assad. Previous gas attacks have been perpetrated by the Syrian Opposition forces, and where was the brouhaha from the West about that?

All they did was try to use terrorist chemical attacks to incriminate the Syrian Armed Forces.

And as I write this column I am going to go out on a limb and say something that nobody else has said to date: would anyone put it past the west in general, NATO in particular, the terrorist-supporting FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US) principally and the CIA, especially, to have carried out a chemical weapons attack from a position behind Government lines using a rogue officer or an infiltrator?

The answer I hear is a resounding NO. And would the Syrian government use chemical weapons against the citizens it is trying to defend from foreign mercenaries and terrorists supported by the west and armed and financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia? Would the Syrian government deploy chemical weapons on the eve of a UN inspection? Would the Syrian government deploy such weapons in an area where it was winning the battle? Would the Syrian government deploy such weapons against its own troops?

Why has President Obama used images of children and not those of Syrian soldiers caught up in the same attack? Why does he hide these from the citizens of the United States of America? Because he is a manipulative and cynical fraud who does not deserve to hold his position? Why has Secretary Kerry used a photo from Iraq in 2003 to underline his case? Because he is a barefaced liar? Why has the US Government not produced one shred of clear evidence against the Syrian Armed Forces/government? Why did they ignore previous chemical weapons attacks from their own terrorist forces?

Why does President Obama lie by saying this is the first chemical weapons attack this century, when he knows the first chemical weapons attack was in Kosovo and then in Iraq in which hundreds of thousands of victims were left dead or maimed and the soil radioactive for billions of years?

When Congress votes, and when Obama makes his appraisal, think of this: long after the Sun goes out, vast swathes of land in Europe and Asia will remain poisoned and radioactive, thanks to the United States of America and the United Kingdom’s Kosovo and Iraq wars. Where was the Congress vote on this?

So, Congress having no jurisdiction to vote for war overseas, President Obama not having any justification to call for military action, any such action can only be interpreted as an act of aggression, a war crime, rendering the President of the USA a war criminal and any personnel perpetrating such an outrage or backing an act of murder liable to de-selection from their posts and to prosecution for incitement to murder.

They will be named and shamed, hunted down and brought to justice in a proper court of law. If international law exists it is to be upheld and there are consequences for breaching it. This is the Day of Judgement and today humankind is judging the United States of America.

One final point: how do the United States Armed personnel in its Navy, Air Force and Army feel, how do its emergency services personnel – firemen and ambulance drivers – feel about the involvement of their country on the side of al-Qaeda terrorists who have murdered around 100.000 Syrian citizens including soldiers, including firemen?

Do you know what they do? They use munitions supplied or bought or facilitated by your country to create a terrorist incident, such as slicing the heads off 121 kids (it happened recently) and then when the emergency services show up, they detonate bombs or shoot them from afar.

Do you feel OK with your Congress and President if they vote to help these bastards? Don’t shrug. Hold them responsible, do the right thing.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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